Culture of information sharing on Medium

I wrote an article all about how we can build a better culture of information. What are the flaws in the current culture and how we can improve it. Read this article here. Any feedback will be very appreciated. Thank you!

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GraphQL For Newbs

What in the world GraphQL is? There’s a lot of mystery behind GraphQL but it’s not difficult to understand, what it actually is, and what it does. Because of it’s really Sci Fi name I was sure I won’t understand it. But after learning more about it. I was like this dog. Chilling! GraphQL is used to build data mongering client applications in a really intuitive way. It’s a Query Language used to request the data from the server.

Building a Todo App Using React

React is a JavaScript library for building composable user interfaces. It’s the V in MVC. React is used by many of the big names in tech and it’s heavily used by it’s creator Facebook, in it’s own products. You can learn more about React and it’s getting started guides here. Trust me, it’s worth the effort ;) My todo app is live for demo at . Hope you try :) Getting started with React The best way to get started with anything is to jump right in it, as quickly as possible, and React team has made it very simple to downlaod the Starter Kit of the latest version of the react.

Interview with TJ Holowaychuk

TJ Holowaychuk is a really well known name in the open source world. He has done incredible contributions to the open source world and he started many notable open source projects especially in Node.js and Go world. It’s close to impossible to use Node.js or Go and not get affected by the code he wrote or the open source projects he contributed to. TJ is an incredibly awesome person and there are hundreds of open source projects he has worked on.

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Interview with Linda Peng (Founder of Open Source Coding Community Codebuddies)

This weekend I had the opportunity to interview Linda Peng. Linda Peng is founder of an amazing open source community called CodeBuddies. She founded CodeBuddies while she was learning to code herself, and is part of the community that helps with the journey of anyone learning to code, experts and beginners alike. I contacted her on the Codebuddies Slack group and she was kind enough to answer my questions regarding the Codebuddies, open source and herself too.

What open source means to me?

What open source means to me? Open Source in general This is a topic that has really deep meaning for me cos open source means a lot of today’s world and today’s life would have been unimaginable without open source. For me open source is one of the evolutionary stages human beings are going through in order to make societies more collaborative, more helpful, and peaceful. It’s the open source spirit that’s about promoting creativity and freedom to use and create what ever we can think of in this awesome world.

How to setup a blog using Hugo

Hugo is easiest of them folks Hey there! I’ve tried many of the static templating engines in the past. Most of them were based on node.js such as Wintersmith, Hexo, BlackSmith but since I’ve tried Hugo I am not going back now. Hugo is the best Static Website Engine EVER. Some of the features that are very impressive about Hugo include: It’s speed and performance (check out this impressive Hugo Benchmark Video) It’s ultra flexibility It’s awesome collaborative community Within 9ms it renders the whole content for me again.

Happy new year

Happy new year 2016. Hope best for you in this awesome year and yeah this is that Google Happy New Year Image